writing advice

Writing is tough; writing a book is tougher. That’s why I decided to start a blog for writing advice. In addition to this, I’m also happy to offer advice regarding marketing and publishing (both traditional and independent).

Check out my latest blog posts below. I try to keep my blog updated as often as possible, but of course, life can get in the way. If you’d like me to write about a specific topic, feel free to drop me a line!

Personal Blog

My personal blog covers many of my own personal struggles and challenges I face in my writing career. I also sometimes speak about mental health struggles in my life, such as anxiety and depression.

Writing Advice

These posts cover general writing topics. This can be as simple as the importance of editing, to more complex concepts, like contacting literary agents.

Publishing Advice

Although I have only ever self-published, I still have experience and knowledge in the realm of traditional publishing as well. These posts cover both types of publishing.

Marketing Advice

I have worked in marketing for the past several years, and I’ve used my acquired knowledge to help market my books. This blog offers insight into marketing strategies and tactics to help promote your writing.