Welcome to RealeWrites – a helpful resource for writers who want to learn the ins and outs of the writing, publishing, and marketing process.

I’ve been writing most of my life, and when I was 21, I self-published my first book, Dodger’s Doorway. While I was finishing up Dodger’s Doorway back in 2011, I was also completing my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until 2013 that I finally broke into my first writing job, and I’ve been in the industry ever since.

The main reason I created this blog is to help others who seem to have trouble with the writing process. I’ve made plenty of mistakes during my journey, from improperly editing my work, to sending out poorly structured query letters, to wasting money on needless services. I don’t want others to encounter those same issues. This blog is meant to be a guide to put you on the right track. It’s difficult becoming a successful writer (especially in this day and age), so you’ll need all the help you can get.

I always appreciate feedback, and if you ever want me to cover a particular subject, or if you have a specific question about writing, editing, marketing, or self-publishing, then please feel free to contact me. I’m more than happy to help!

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